A Splash and a Dash

A Splash and a Dash (1926)

Animation starring Jerry the Troublesome Tyke - a cartoon dog. A U.I.C. production. The cartoon artist Sid Griffiths sits at his desk with a piece of paper on an easel in front of him. He dips his pen in the inkpot and begins to draw. He draws some spots which spin around the page then eventually turn into our old friend Jerry. Jerry says to Sid: "I want a holiday!" Sid asks: "Do you think you deserve one?" Jerry nods his head. "Very well. Off you go!" says Sid. Jerry shouts "Hooray!" Jerry walks along, suitcase in his hand and wearing a very jaunty cap.

Качество: HD

Дата выхода: 1926-10-18

Оригинальное название: A Splash and a Dash

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