Il comandante

Il comandante (1963)

The retired general Antonio Cavalli is a nuisance to his family: to his wife Francesca who still works, to his son and to his daughter-in-law. Then he finds a job in a building firm. Only by chance Cavalli finds out that his salary is paid by his wife to keep him busy. But the general is well known as a very reliable man, and Sandrelli, the firm's owner, uses him and his name to win a valuable contract. When Sandrelli is arrested, the general finds the money to honour his debt but he is robbed while he is going to the bank...

Продолжительность: 109 мин.

Качество: HD

Дата выхода: 1963-12-23

Рейтинг IMDB: 6.8/10

Оригинальное название: Il comandante

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