Secret Life of Predators

Secret Life of Predators (2013)

When you’ve clawed your way to the top of the food chain, you have to fight to stay there. Experience this harsh reality through the eyes of the determined predators that rely on skill, instinct and evolution to survive. But while they may be masters of their domains, that doesn’t mean things always go their way—and with young mouths to feed, the pressure is on. Three years in the making, the 4-part Secret Life of Predators reveals the hidden, unknown world of predators living in the oceans, forests, open spaces, and on the edge. Episodes include: Wet, Stealth, Naked, and Exposed.

Продолжительность: 240 мин.

Качество: HD

Дата выхода: 2013-09-20

Рейтинг IMDB: 4.3/10

Оригинальное название: Secret Life of Predators

В ролях: Boone Smith 

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