The Patriot

The Patriot (1928)

These Characters Will Fascinate You! EMIL JANNINGS - Cruel, brutal, but also pathetic. The mad Czar who holds all Russia in his tyrannical grasp. FLORENCE VIDOR - An exotic beauty of the court. The Czar's favorite! Betrayed by her lover, she becomes a thorn in the hands of the conspirators! LEWIS STONE - Prime Minister and trusted friend of the mad Czar, who conspires against the monster ruler of Russia. NEIL HAMILTON - Heir to the throne. Worshiped by the Russians. The only man who can hold the government from self-destruction.

Продолжительность: 113 мин.

Качество: HD

Дата выхода: 1928-09-01

Рейтинг IMDB: 5/10

Оригинальное название: The Patriot

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